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Brand: Aputure Model: Aputure Fresnel 2X Lens Mount Attachment
Product Highlights6 inch Lens DiameterDual Lens Design Boosts OutputBeam Spread Variable from 12 to 40°Made for use with LS C120d, C120dII, C300dOverviewThe Aputure Fresnel 2X is an attachment for use with LS C120d, LS C120d II, and LS C300d from Aputure as well as other Bowens Mount LED lights. It ..
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Bowens Mount Snoot with Honeycomb Grid (black) Bowens Mount Snoot with Honeycomb Grid (black)
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Brand: Godox Model: Bowens Mount Snoot
Product HighlightsNarrowly focuses the light outputRemovable 30 degree grid further narrows beamIncludes honeycomb/gridIdeal for portrait and product photographyOverviewThis Snoot is a Bowen's S-Mount fit for strobes that is fitted over the head and narrows the output into a soft circle that is smal..
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Model: Bowens Mount Softbox Adapter (Speedring)
This bowens speed ring adapter is a universal mount for Studio Flash Strobes...
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Model: Gel Lighting Filter
Keep a Certain Distance with the Filter and the Working Bulbs,or the Correction Gel Lighting Filter will be Melted or Deformed at the high Temperature or use in a long time. Description: High Quality--Made of High Light Transmission Materials with Light Weight, Steady Color Temperature and Low Los..
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Brand: Godox Model: Godox Replacement Bulb for AD400 Pro
Product HighlightsReplacement or Spare BulbPower: 400WsColor Temperature: 5600K (±200K)OverviewThis Flash Tube from Godox is a replacement or spare tube for the AD400Pro outdoor flash. It is balanced for daylight, featuring a color temperature of 5600K (±200K), and is capable of outputting up to 400..
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Brand: Godox Model: Godox 7 Inch reflector Diffuser for ADR6 AD600BM
Translucent soft disc to fit 7" standard reflectors..
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Brand: Godox Model: Godox AD-CS Bowens Mount Adapter
OverviewThe AD-CS Locking Ring from Godox is a Bowens Mount Fixed adapter that is designed to fit onto the Godox AD600B and AD600BM flash strobes for one to lock the Godox AD-H600B and AD-H1200B flash heads plugs into the flash. The ring itself locks into the Bowens mount and acts as a saf..
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Brand: Godox Model: Godox AD-H600B 600W Flash Extension Head
Product HighlightsConnects AD600 Battery Powered HeadTotal of 600WsGodox AD-H600B OverviewDesigned to be handheld, the AD-H600B Portable 600Ws Extension Head with Bowens MountfromGodoxis a flash head with a tilting receiver and a Bowens front accessory mount. The AD-H600B allows attachment of o..
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Brand: Godox Model: Godox AD-S15
Features: The cover is especially used for WITSTRO Advanced Flash AD180/AD200/AD360. Easy to install on the flash light and protect it from direct and accidental collision. Convenient for light carrying and transportation.Specifications: Diameter 3.8cm / 1.6in Height: 8.4cm / 3.3in Material: Alumi..
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Brand: Godox Model: Godox Standard Reflector for AD200 and AD360
Product OverviewThis standard reflector from Godox is 4.7" in size and designed for the Godox AD200 as well as AD360 bare-bulb flash heads. It can also be combined with optional color gels (NOT included) to give color to your background.SpecificationsMaterial: AluminumSize: 11.9cmWeight: 20g..
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Brand: Godox Model: Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit for Round Head speedlites and H200R
Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit for H200R / V1 contains magnetically-attached modifiers that maximize the capabilities of the head. The kit contains a snoot, four-way barndoors, and a honeycomb grid to narrow the light's beam and selectively light your subject. Conversely, a near-180-degree dome, a wide l..
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Godox BD-04 Barndoor Kit with 4 Color Gels and Honeycomb for Strobe Godox BD-04 Barndoor Kit with 4 Color Gels and Honeycomb for Strobe
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Brand: Godox Model: Godox Barndoor Kit with Gels
HighlightsFits Standard 7" ReflectorFour-Leaf BarndoorHoneycomb GridYellow, Green, Blue, and Red FiltersOverviewThe Godox BD-04 Barndoor Kit with 4 Color Gels and Honeycomb is a strobe light modifying accessory that is designed to fit on the front of a standard 7" reflector. Included in the kit..
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