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Model: 1/4 inch ALUMINUM ALLOY quick release plate
Highlights Holds your camera completely rigidly,making it perfect for more intense activities like hiking,biking.With camera clip,you can safely and comfortably carry your camera anytime,anywhere and always constant access.It can carry binoculars,lenses and for Gopro cameras  with addition..
Ksh 3,300
Ex Tax:Ksh 3,300
Brand: Robeez Model: 323 RC2 Adapter with Quick Release Plate
Product HighlightsAttaches by 1/4" (top) or 3/8" attachment type Can be used on any tripod or monopod Plate Type: 200PL Has a secondary safety system Made of aluminiumOverview This is a strong and relaible quick release plate system that can be attached to any tripod or monopod. Fitted ..
Ksh 2,200
Ex Tax:Ksh 2,200
Brand: Jinbei Model: Locking Caster Wheels For Light Stand support
This set of three black Casters for Light Stands with 25mm Tubular Leg Ends is designed to add functionality to any standard light stand with tubular 25mm diameter leg endings. They mount easily with a simple twist of the wing nuts, without tools. These casters are not designed to work with..
Ksh 3,400
Ex Tax:Ksh 3,400
Brand: Neewer Model: Shoe Plate Adapter for Manfrotto Tripods
Product HighlightsMade of Aluminium Alloy Has 1/4" and 3/8" screwsOverview This is a professionally designed quick release plate adapter that can be acquired as a replacement tripod shoe plate compatible with such Manfrotto tripods as the 503HDV, 501HDV, 701HDV and 577/519/561/Q5. With a s..
Ksh 2,800
Ex Tax:Ksh 2,800
Brand: Neewer Model: Neewer Pro Gimbal Tripod Head
HighlightsHeavy duty alluminium alloy It can support 13.6kg making it perfect for any photographer using large telephoto lensesThe panning base and vertical arm capable of  360° rotation(hoizontal and vertical to meet the photography demang of different angleLarge knob with bubble level witch m..
Ksh 15,300
Ex Tax:Ksh 15,300
Brand: Robeez Model: QZSD Q02 Camera Photography Tripod Head
Product HighlightsMain material: AluminumMaximum load: 8kg / 17.64LbsBall diameter: 3.6 cmHeight: 10 cmItem size: Approx. 5.5 * 10cm / 2.2 * 3.9in (Base D * H)Item weight: Approx. 366g / 13.1ozFeatures:Ball head diameter is 36mm / 1.4in.All-metal ball head, very smooth hand feel and excellent durabi..
Ksh 3,500
Ex Tax:Ksh 3,500
Brand: Robeez Model: QZSD Q08 Videography Tripod Pan and Tilt Head
HighlightsMaterial: Aluminum alloy & steelTop screw: 1/ 4 (to connect with camera)Bottom screw hole: 3 /8 (to connect with tripod)Max. load: 6kg / 13.2LBOverviewThe Q08 tripod head with rocker arm is made of an aluminium alloy and is of high durability as well as high quality. It features a lock..
Ksh 3,900
Ex Tax:Ksh 3,900
Model: SmallRig Quick Release Plate
SmallRig Quick Release Plate(Manfrotto 501 Style)128 HighlightsCompact Dovetail Plate 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 Camera Screws Durable Aluminum Construction Fits Manfrotto 501PL-Type Base Nonslip, Anti-Scratch Rubber PaddingOverview of SmallRig Quick Release Plate(Manfrotto 501 Style)128 This ..
Ksh 4,100
Ex Tax:Ksh 4,100
Model: Tripod Extended Tripod Screw
This is a stainless steel replacement screw for tripods quick-release plates or other camera rigs. With an extended 1/4" thread, it is compatible with most cameras of the same thread. Highlights For connecting various types of DC,DV Commonly used in cameras,the camera tripod head quick release pl..
Ksh 800
Ex Tax:Ksh 800
Model: L Bracket
Product HighlightsLight and flexible Made of high quality aluminium alloy Compatible with any tripod, slider and stabilizer Foldable, making it convenient for storage and transport Suitable for both photo and video recordingOverview This is an easy and fast adjustable bracket ..
Ksh 3,300
Ex Tax:Ksh 3,300
Brand: Robeez Model: VCT 880 Quick Release Plate
Overview This quick release plate can be kept attached to the camera's base and allows the user to quickly and easily attach or remove the camera from the tripod without having to waste time fumbling with the threaded mount.It assists you to position your camera right on the tripod head. The q..
Ksh 1,100
Ex Tax:Ksh 1,100
Brand: Weifeng Model: Weifeng WF-6307A Replacement Release Plate
Overview This is a replacement quick plate for a range of Weifeng tripods that include the WT 6102, 6101, 6105, 6307, 660A, and 622. It is made of metal and includes a 1/4" screw mount to allow you mount your camera/equipment quickly and securely. The screw will universally fit any equipment or acc..
Ksh 1,200
Ex Tax:Ksh 1,200
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