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Godox KNOWLED F400Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel (2.1 x 4')

Godox KNOWLED F400Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel (2.1 x 4')
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Godox KNOWLED F400Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel (2.1 x 4')
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  • Model: KNOWLED F400Bi
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Product Highlights

  • 400w 2.1 x 4' light panels
  • 2700-8500K color temperature
  • Output: 14700 Lux at 3.3' (5600K)
  • CRI 96 | TLCI 96
  • AC/DC Operation
  • Onboard control and wireless control via DMX, bluetooth, mobile app
  • Built-in wireless X system
  • For use in filming, broadcasting or video production among other uses
  • Comes with a softbox, X-bracket, adapter holder and carry case

Overview of the Godox Godox KNOWLED F400Bi LED Light Panel

The KNOWLED F400Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel from Godox is a flexible LED light source that is 2.1 x 4' in size. It provides upto 400W of power and has a variable color temperature from 2700 to 8700K as well as a great color rendition with a CRI and TLCI rating of 96. Another feature on the KNOWLED F400Bi is it's stepless brightness dimming from 0 to 100% along four dimming curves—linear, S-curve, exponential, and logarithmic. This light also comes with 11 preprogrammed special effects modes.

KNOWLED F400Bi comes with a contol unit that can allow you to attach a V-mount battery as well as control to the light manually. It also supports other control protocols like LumenRadio CRMX Control, DMX512, and wireless control made possible by the built-in 2.4 GHz system and Bluetooth support thus enabling one to use the Godox Light App or get an optional Godox RC-R9 Remote.

For dust and water resistance, the KNOWLED F400Bi light is rated at IP65. The package includes the folder light matt, a controller, a connector cable, a power cable, a softbox for diffusion, an X-bracket and adapter holder for mounting, and two bags for carrying the panel and its accessories.

In the Box

  • KNOWLED F400Bi Bi-Color LED Light Matt
  • KNOWLED F400Bi Controller
  • X-Bracket
  • Adapter Holder
  • Connection Cable
  • Power cable
  • Softbox
  • CB87 Carry Bag for accessories
  • Carry Bag for LED Light Body

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