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Selens 110cm 43" 5 in 1 Portable Collapsible Multi Disc Reflector (Gold/Silver/Black/White/Translucent) Selens 110cm 43" 5 in 1 Portable Collapsible Multi Disc Reflector (Gold/Silver/Black/White/Translucent)
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens 110cm 43" 5 in 1 Multi Disc Reflector
Product HighlightsDimension: 110cm Shape: RoundColors: Gold, Silver, Black, White, TranslucentFlexible and lightweight design allow easy portabilityConvenient zipped round carrying bagDurable and flexible steel spring frameOverviewThe Selens 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector is versatile in the fiel..
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Selens 20 Flash Gels Lighting Filters with Band Grip Selens 20 Flash Gels Lighting Filters with Band Grip
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens Flash Gels Lighting Filter
Product HighlightsUniversal Gel Filters Kit14 color effects gels1 diffusion gel5 color correction gelsGel Band included in the packageOverviewThis is a flash gel kit offering you a total of 20 colors and correction filters to help you create dramatic and theatrical lighting in your images. The kit i..
Ksh 1,500
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens 4 in 1 60 x 180 cm U-Shape Curved Light Reflector Kit
HighlightsMaterial: Aluminum AlloyDouble-sided Cloth: White, Gold, Black, SilverLength: 180 cm / 70.8"Width: 60cm / 23.6"Weight: 2.65 kg / 5.84lbs.OverviewThe 4 in 1 curved reflector from Selens is a U-shaped photographic product that is designed to enable photographers achieve clamshell lighting se..
Ksh 8,900
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens Air Blower Dust Blower Cleaner- Dark Grey
Product HighlightsMaterial:Rubber and plasticDetachable air stream/nozzleSuitable for cleaning DSLR Lenses,Digital Camera lens,filters,keyboards,keyboards etc.OverviewThis DSLR air dust blower cleaner from Selens gently removes dust and erases smudges from delicate equipment without physical contact..
Ksh 600
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens Blue Rubber Gel Band
OverviewThis blue rubber band from Selens is a universal product that can be used for all types of flash gadgets. Simply Slip the Tabbed Ends of the Universal Gel Under the Gel-Band to Secure It to the Flash. With high elastic polymers, the band ensures that your color gels does not fall. It also fe..
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens 240cm Photography Light Stand
Product HighlightsRetractable legConstruction: Aluminium alloyEasily foldableIncludes a carrying bagOverviewThe FL-240 light stand from Selens is a lightweight and compact stand for use in outdoor photography. Featuring a 4 tier extension, this stand makes it possible to extend to a maximum height o..
Ksh 4,900
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens Flash Magnetic Rubber Band Grip (MN-AM)
OverviewThis rubber band grip from Selens is a universal magnetic grip for holding flash accessories. Made out of Silica Gel, the grip also has two rare-earth strong magnets that enable the securing of other add-ons for endless possibilities of creativity in photography. The rubber band -is installe..
Ksh 1,900
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens Flash Modifier Light Control Kit
Highlights– Frees your Speedlite Flashes from Velcro, Straps, and Adhesives by Ingeniously Incorporating the Invisible Powers of Magnetism.– Fit Most Of Speedlite Flashes: Canon,Nikon,Metz,Mecablitz,Nissin,Olympus,Pentax,Promaster,Sony,Viltrox,Yongnuo,Godox– High Quality Silicone Rubber Material to ..
Ksh 15,800
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens C-stand (Silver)
HighlightsMax Height: 8.5ftMin Height: 4.2ftMax Load: 44lbNet Weight: 8.5KG2 Pieces Grip HeadOverviewThis heavy duty C-stand from Selens is made of aluminium alloy. It is ideal for both professional photographers and videographers due to its compatibility with a wide variety photographic equipment a..
Ksh 14,500
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens MagBounce
The Selens Bounce modifier is wonderful, and has been stripped down to make it in the simplest, most functional form. Selens has carefully designed it to make it not only beautiful, but calculated to provide the softest light with the highest output.Item functionsideal for use as a diffuser or small..
Ksh 4,500
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens Magnetic Conical Snoot Flash Modifier (MN-SN)
Highlights– 4 different stages to give you 4 unique beam patterns for precise control over your light.– Its singular molded rubber construction that allows to squish it into the smallest and pop back open quickly.– Integrated gel slot to modify the color temperature, hue, or density of light for eve..
Ksh 3,800
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Brand: Selens Model: Selens Magnetic Flash Modifier Sphere (MN-DF)
Highlights– Ideal for use as an on-camera diffuser.– An omni-directional flash diffuser to transform harsh light into a softer light source.– To save battery power with efficient diffusion.– Allows you to insert filters and color correct your flash without additional accessories.– Durable semi-trans..
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