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Shoulder Mounts

comfortably rest the camera on your shoulder for long shooting sessions.

Model: Beike BK-440 Stabilizer Shoulder Pad
Product description ..
Ksh 4,050
Ex Tax:Ksh 4,050
Brand: Neewer Model: C-Type DSLR SLR Camcorder Stabilizer
Overview- This is an incredible support product that offers stability and control for your DSLR Camera/ DV Camcoder.- The stabilizer can efficiently avoid and eliminate any microseism or blur of pictures caused by movement or shakes while taking your shots.- It can make your shooting much more stabl..
Ksh 2,700
Ex Tax:Ksh 2,700
Brand: Caden Model: Dual Shoulder Strap
Overview The Caden Dual Shoulder Strap is a Quick Double Shoulder Strap for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR camera is light weight, wide and with anti- slip and soft spongy features to make sure your shoulders are comfortable and reduce the pressure when carrying large DSLR cameras and lenses. There's a quic..
Ksh 1,800
Ex Tax:Ksh 1,800
Brand: Caden Model: Caden Single Shoulder Strap
HighlightsDesigned for Comfort and DurabilityAllows Camera to Hang Upside DownThe length of the strap can be adjusted in front convenientlyOverviewThe Caden single shoulder mount strap is a durable quick one-shoulder strap for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR cameras. It is light weight, made of ballistic nylo..
Ksh 1,100
Ex Tax:Ksh 1,100
Dual Handles Grip Free Shoulder Mount Kit Dual Handles Grip Free Shoulder Mount Kit
Out Of Stock
Model: Dual Handles Grip Free Shoulder Mount Kit
Product DescriptionVideo shooting bracket for DSLR and video cameras, to provide reliable support. Film and cameras can move around the bracket conveniently; lightweight aluminum alloy, easy to shoot and carry; delicate and beatiful appearance, screw interface components firm and safe, con..
Ksh 9,090
Ex Tax:Ksh 9,090
Brand: Neewer Model: Neewer Follow Focus Speed Crank for DSLR Rigs
The Neewer Follow Focus Speed Crank for DSLR Rigs  features a 12x12mm universal fit, designed to be used in conjunction with follow focus systems to achieve nimble and accurate focusing. It can be operated by an assistant camera operator for maximum precision and control. Fabricated from ..
Ksh 2,700
Ex Tax:Ksh 2,700
Brand: Neewer Model: Neewer Follow Focus with Gear Ring Belt
Compatible with Canon Nikon Sony and other DSLR Camera Camcorder DV Video; Fits industry standard 15mm rod mounts and 60mm center to center distance Easy to mount and take down; Gear drive can adjust camera focus in a more accurate and smooth way ..
Ksh 8,010
Ex Tax:Ksh 8,010
Neewer Universal Aluminum 15mm Rail Rod Support System High Riser DSLR Camera Mount Neewer Universal Aluminum 15mm Rail Rod Support System High Riser DSLR Camera Mount
1-2 Weeks
Brand: Neewer Model: Aluminum 15mm DSLR Camera Mount
Description: The base plate is a aluminum alloy multi-functional standard rail system that can be used for mounting DSLR Follow Focus Rig. This Rail System can be adjusted both side to side and back and forth. There are two camera height riser adapters support the plate. These height riser ..
Ksh 4,680
Ex Tax:Ksh 4,680
Model: Quick Release Plate for Cage Rig Follow Focus Matte Box
Description: This is a universal rod system which may be used directly with a camera or on a DSLR rig to add 15mm rods to enable mounting of matte boxes, follow focus systems, lens supports and other accessories that are compatible with the industry standard 15mm rod system...
Ksh 4,500
Ex Tax:Ksh 4,500
Brand: YELANGU Model: YELANGU C2 DSLR Camera Cage
Product HighlightsFor DSLR/Mirrorless/Small Video Camera Lightweight, Universal Cage Protection 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Mounting Threads Retains Access to Most Controls & Ports Non-Slip, Dual-Handle Design Detachable Top Handgrip 15mm LWS Rod System Aluminum Alloy & ABS Plastic Buil..
Ksh 9,400
Ex Tax:Ksh 9,400
Brand: YELANGU Model: YELANGU C500 Camera Cage
OverviewUse the YELANGU C500 Camera Cage to add cine-style han..
Ksh 21,400
Ex Tax:Ksh 21,400
Brand: YELANGU Model: YELANGU D101 Shoulder Rig Stabilizer
Description: Here is the complete system for the DSLR or video camera owner, consisting of: Shoulder Mount, Follow Focus and Matte Box. The aim of this kit is to provide the operator maximum flexibility while shooting both outdoors and indoors. It is a very portable and handy kit. Features: ..
Ksh 18,180
Ex Tax:Ksh 18,180
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