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Visico VC-818 TX ETTL

Visico VC-818 TX ETTL
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Visico VC-818 TX ETTL
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- Two AA alkiline battery or Ni-MH   battery

- output control range from 1/1-1/128 in    1/3EV increment

- Has a high speed of up to 1/8000

- Slave unit control under every channel     controls 3 groups of slave unites     isolate(A,B,C)

- Transmission distance of around   25   meters

- Stroboscopic flash remote output power    control upto 20 flash /up to 30Hz     frequency



The vc-818 TX ETTL  wireless radio frequency visor RF transmitter is designed to operate on the canon E-ttl system and its appllications on EOS cameras,EOS E-TTL II,E-TTL.This transmitter can be use dwith your canon cameras,with a visico VC-818 RT receiver that connects to canon speedlite units and other brand sof flash speedlites that have the E-TTL standard.The VC-818TX/E-TTL is the perfect tool with a multi-function independent control that is easy to use and highly allows you to expand the limits of your creativity by synchronizing shots up to 1/8000 sec.

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