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Canon 62mm Snap-On Lens Cap

Canon 62mm Snap-On Lens Cap
Canon 62mm Snap-On Lens Cap
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  • Model: Canon 62mm Lens Cap

Products Highlights

  • For Canon lenses
  • Size: 62mm
  • Colour: Black


Canon 62mm Lens Cap is a black, plastic, easy to attach and detach cap designed for 58mm lenses. A lens cap provides protection from scratches, dust, moisture, fingerprints and minor collisions for camera and camcorder lenses when the camera is not in use.


  1. To find out if your lens fits this lens cap, get to know your lens diameter size, i.e. must be 62mm lens.
  2. This lens cap is for Canon lenses.

In the Package

  • 1 x Canon 62mm Snap-On Lens Cap

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