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Brand: Neewer Model: 18 inches 55W 5500K Dimmable Ring Light
Highlights240V UK  versionOverviewThis is a dimmable 18 inches/48 centimeters bi-color LED SMD Ring Light with a wide dimming range from 1%-100%. It comes with 240 pcs of energy-saving LED beads which are placed evenly inside the light without any dark corner for providing the most appropriate ..
Ksh 11,600
Ex Tax:Ksh 11,600
Brand: Neewer Model: 3M Telescopic Crossbar
OverviewThis is a 10 ft (300 cm/3 m) professional extendable telescopic all-aluminum crossbar background support cross bar used to hold studio backdrops for mounting on stands. It gives you the flexibility to accommodate half width rolls and full width rolls by possible extension or collapse of the ..
Ksh 4,200
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800w Red Head Continuous Video Lighting With Light Stands Kit 800w Red Head Continuous Video Lighting With Light Stands Kit
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Brand: Neewer Model: 800w Red Head Continuous Video Lighting With Light Stands Kit
OverviewThis Red Head Continuous Light gives you the kind of studio lighting you need to get professional lighting for video and photography. It is designed for use with DSLR/SLR cameras and also used in video taking. Lighting is tungsten with a colour temperature of 3200KWith continuous lightin..
Ksh 24,000
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Brand: Neewer Model: C-Type DSLR SLR Camcorder Stabilizer
Overview- This is an incredible support product that offers stability and control for your DSLR Camera/ DV Camcoder.- The stabilizer can efficiently avoid and eliminate any microseism or blur of pictures caused by movement or shakes while taking your shots.- It can make your shooting much more stabl..
Ksh 2,800
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Brand: Neewer Model: Flash Diffuser Bounce Softbox Cap
Gives your pictures a softer effectSoftens harsh shadows, reduce hot spotsCan be attach in secondsLightweight, so easy to carry anywhere..
Ksh 500
Ex Tax:Ksh 500
Brand: Neewer Model: Heavy Duty Metal Camera Clip Clamp Grip with Spigot/Ball Head
Product OverviewClip Clamp Grip with SpigotThe heavy duty metal clip clamp grip is a multi-function accessory that is made up of a metal spring clamp and spigot stud. The spigot is for mounting small lights, light cameras as well as other photographic equipment. The clamp can also be used to hold ge..
Ksh 1,100
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Brand: Neewer Model: Inverted Lambency Flash Dome Diffuser
This a large, round, soft and flexible diffuser that slips over the front of any standard shoe mount flash unit. The inside of the Lightsphere is completely textured to make the light dispersion even more "soft" than it would be otherwise. And because of this design, it is possible to make t..
Ksh 2,600
Ex Tax:Ksh 2,600
Brand: Neewer Model: Kino Flo 4 Bank Fluorescent Light 1250 Watt Equivalent
Product OverviewThe Kino Flo 4 Bank Fluorescent light is ideal for studio photography, videos, TV, as well as public access studios. It's designed for stand-mounting, which when using a universal bracket makes it compatible with all standard light stands. Because of the energy-saving technology..
Ksh 18,200
Ex Tax:Ksh 18,200
Brand: Neewer Model: Kino Flo 6 Bank Fluorescent Light 1650W equivalent
Product OverviewThe Kino Flo 6 Bank lighting system is a continuous light system that is designed for video recording, video shoots or filming, photo studio production, day light recording, broadcasting etc.Since the type of tube determines the color temperature, any Kino Flo lamphead can be qui..
Ksh 22,000
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Neewer 11" Articulating Magic Arm with super clamp Neewer 11" Articulating Magic Arm with super clamp
1-2 Weeks
Brand: Neewer Model: Neewer Magic Arm and Clamp
OverviewThe 11 inches/28 cm articulating magic arm with super clamp  is a mounting accessory for use with LCD monitors, small LED lights or small flash units. The magic arm is designed with locking knobs that are meant to release or enlarge the tension for position movement. It makes it easy to..
Ksh 3,200
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Brand: Neewer Model: Neewer 120cm Carbon Fiber Slider
Product HighlightsLength size: 120cmConstruction: Carbon fiber6 U-shaped Ball Bearings to ensure both smooth motion and minimum abrasion on the carbon fiber tubesFlexible: Can be used with tripods, on the ground, directly connected to camera or indirectly connected with a camer through a tripod head..
Ksh 18,150 Ksh 18,700
Ex Tax:Ksh 18,150
Brand: Neewer Model: 120cm Light Tent
Product HighlightsMade of translucent high quality materialRemovable front opening with camera lens slitFoldable, making it easy to carry for outdoor shootsItem size: 120cm/47 InchesCan be washed by water, easy to cleanIdeal for shoots of small and medium products, such as jewelry, toys, electronics..
Ksh 5,400
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