This article focuses on the different ways of purchasing products from Robeez Electronics. They include in store purchases, order via our website, or call to order. After identifying the product you need, next comes the payment methods. There are 3 main modes of ordering:

·         In store purchases

·         Order via Robeez Electronics website

·         Or Call to Order

Once you have made your order, you can make your payment. The payment can be in cash, transfers through bank, Mpesa, Swiping or via payment plans.

1.    Cash

This mode of payment is most convenient when you are at the shop.  After deciding on the product you want, then you finalize by paying for your purchase after which you are issued with a receipt.

2.    Bank Transfers

With this mode of payment, you need to make a call to the shop to get the account information and have your order reserved until the payment reflects on our account. A receipt is issued after purchase. N.B: Goods will be issued only after the funds reflect in full.

3.    Mpesa

This mode of payment is acceptable when you are either in the shop or have ordered either via the website or online/call. Payment is done via our paybill number that is provided upon request.

4.    Swiping

The last mode of payment is the pdq/ swiping. For our clients who prefer to go cashless, this is the mode of payment for you. This mode of payment however accrues a 2.5% charge on your total.



We also have Payment Plans that are available. They include:

1.      30-day plan - Under this method of payment, you will have to commit 40% of the cost of the item. You create an account with Robeez Electronics and pay directly to Robeez electronics. Your balance has to be cleared within 30 days. In the meantime, the item you need is preserved for you until you clear your balance.

2.      Savings plan - Under this payment plan, you create an account and save with Robeez Electronics. When your money is sufficient enough, you can then buy whatever product you need or desire. However, there is no specific product that is reserved for you.

3.      Purchase via a credit provider - This option is good since you get your products immediately. However, with this method some interest is charged by the credit provider depending on the amount provided. Details on payment period, terms of payment and interest, vary depending on the credit service provider. We have made partnerships with some credit providers such as Lipa Later.



How does it work?

First, you are required to register with Lipa Later. This you can do via their Lipa Later website in order to start the process.

The second step, you need to provide your financial statement/ information in order for Lipa Later to gauge your credit worthiness. Finally, they evaluate you and give you a credit limit depending on your financial ability, CRB score, e.t.c.

From here, you are able to purchase item(s) from us that fall within your credit limit. In the event that your credit limit is less than the price of the desired items, you can always top up using cash and/or via Mpesa and purchase the product.


Q: Who is eligible to register for Lipa later?

A: Anyone can qualify so long as you are employed / self-employed and can provide a financial history to the ceredit provider.

Q: What if the items I need exceed my credit limit?

A: You can always top up the difference either via cash or Mpesa



Q: How are my goods to be delivered?

Depending on your location, there are various ways in which your goods may get to you. They include; Delivery by rider, delivery by parcel

Delivery by rider

 If you are located within Nairobi and its environs, a rider will be requested to deliver your goods to you. You will be required to cater for this cost which varies by location. You can choose to pay upon delivery (Mpesa only) but we do reserve the right to refuse depending on the amount in question. We assume all liability for the items/order while in transit to your location

Parcel Delivery

For clients living outside Nairobi, goods are sent via courier services depending on the location of the client as well as the preferred courier service of their choice. Notifications are sent to the client to allow tracking of the parcel until it reaches its destination. For this mode of delivery, the client pays for the order and delivery fee upfront. The Client assumes all liability for the items/order while in transit to your location